I like my desktop clean.

And by that I mean really clean, preferably empty. But every once in a while, I discover something on the net that I want to save and move on. (You've been there right?) But do I take the time to browse for a suitable place for the file? NO! I just save it to the desktop and move on to the next thing of interest.

There is also a scenario when you need to download the file before opening them. This is the worst kind, because as soon as you close them, you actually never want to think of them again (unless, of cource, you found it interesting, and if that were the case, you probably have two copies on your desktop now stupid!) but still you're reminded every time you turn on your computer...

I've actually developed a cure for that last curse though. Just make sure that the computer always boots up with something opened. Great idea right? Well... This is what got me today. I have a TODO list that opens with notepad, and it said to rid the desktop of clutter. Well, my solution suddenly backfired...

After a while of true nerd raaaaaaage I decided to to obey my TODO list, and ended up spending about an hour browsing through files, deleteing the irrelevant ones, and moving the ones that I still see value in, to a suitable location. I discovered that surprisingly many of the files were named DELETEME, buffer ignore or any other name I think might force myself to actually deliting it. Each time I saw a file with such a name, the feeling of failure grew on me, and because of this: I have decided to never endulge in such sneaky ways of attempting to bypass my true nature, ever again!

So here is a proper introduction: 'Hello World' I'm an unconcentrated forgetful musician and the (code-)monkey part of me can't help itself but to make a mess out of everything.

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09 February 2012