My new job in Wice

After 4 years in Attensi I stumbled upon an oppertunity to start my own business. As I’ve always wanted to do just that, I quit my former job and set out on this new adventure. As with most big changes, there’s positives and negatives. I must admit I’m sad to leave my former colleagues and friends, but I’ll torment them on the occational ‘Friday Beer’ get together.

What I will do

I am the CTO of Wice. I’m also the only developer on the team.

I will design the hardware, write the firmware, write the backend API and the web application (doubles as hybrid mobile apps).

Here’s a list of the tools I will be using (for the curious reader):

    • Altium Designer
      Espruino & Wiring
      Visual Studio
      Entity Framework, WebApi, OData, Node.js, Angular.js, underscore.js and love
  • What we will make

    We are aiming for a smart metering (telemetry) solution for the retail industry. At least this is where we will start. Long term goal is to venture into the consumer market for the very buzzwordy - but also very real - Internet of Things.

    Wice got a grant from “Innovation Norway”, and we are researching mesh network technology for the industry -, and IPv6 for the consumer market.

    It was scary to quit my fun and safe job, but I am really looking forward to this next chapter.

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    01 January 2015