What’s the idea?

My dad works as an organist (amongst other things) and currently he needs to visit a church for when he wants to rehearse because of the way organ pedals are laid out. Luckily he has saved a set of pedals from an organ that was torn down a while back.

He was surprised to find out that I could help him bring the pedals back to life, and so the project started. I prototyped the setup quickly using my Wiring S and got things working. Then (because I wanted to) I designed a through hole PCB for the project (using parts from my parts bin) and this is it:

organ pcb

My dad retrofitted some switches on the pedals and this is their current state:


Next up is to wire everything in a project box.

The end result will have:

  • 40 MIDI enabled switches
  • Two octaves
  • MIDI channel up/down
  • Octave up/down
  • MIDI velocity up/down
  • LCD screen with info about channel, octave and velocity

More posts on the project to come :)

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02 April 2015