Manual SMD feeders jig done!

Yesterday I started making my own jig for manual SMD work. You can see the initial steps here!

It is finally complete, and since images is worh more than x words (where x is said to be 1000) here are some:



This will be my workstation for the process.

From the top

top Everything is labeled, and the parts is so firm in place I can move it without much trouble (except the CC430 which came in a tube).

Labels and feeders

feeder I made a photoshop file with value and identifiers. Should be handy.


feeders close 4 hour print on the Ultimaker 2 with PLA. Details in previous post.

Next up, assembly!

This will be my first experience with assembly of SMT but I thing I’ve at least eased the job somewhat with this rig. Leave a comment if you like it or have questions!

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14 April 2015