Programming Tools

The following sections list what tools I use for making things with my computer.

Development Environments

  • Wiring for developing embedded devices
  • Unity3d for making games
  • Visual Studio for C# ninja practice
  • VIM for retro and extremely powerful text manipulation
  • Eclipse for when I'm not using NetBeans for Java
  • NetBeans for when I'm not using Eclipse for Java
  • Expression Blend for making UI for Silverlight or Windows Phone
  • oXygen for editing XML without tears wetting the keyboard
  • Notepad++ for all types of little text related jobs
  • WAMP, not really an environment but it is a neat package for apache, mysql and php
  • MS SQL Server Management Studio for managing ms sql server instances (big shocker)

Computer Utilities

  • Search Everything for finding files REALLY fast
  • Artistic Style is a great tool if you do code reviews on code with poor or no style, or if you simply want to convert the style on a codebase. Here is my current favorite configuration: -s2 -a -C -S -K -N -L -w -f -p -H -x -j -J -O -c -k3 -Z -z2 For VIM users, here is a map for triggering astyle on the current file: map ,asa :! astyle -s2 -a -C -S -K -N -L -w -f -p -H -x -j -J -O -c -k3 -Z -z2 %
  • FileZilla for my FTP needs

Source Control

  • SVN the tried and true
  • Mercurial my favorite
  • Git great community (also a very good tool)!


  • Google is the best source of information period
  • Twitter is awesome for real-time information about a subject
  • Stack Overflow for asking and answering questions about programming problems
  • PeepCode awesome screencasts
  • NDC2010 NDC2011 many good talks
  • Smidig2011 norwegian talks about agile development

Asset Generation

  • Photoshop for creating images of various nature
  • Reason for creating music and ambience
  • Reaper for mixing and editing and creating samples
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05 January 2012