Windows Phone

This is my favorite and most important tool while in transit.

It is simply a handset based on a windows operating system. As one should expect office (word, power point and excel) are available for viewing and editing documents. It is also easy to integrate with a Shared Point server, and One Note is natively supported by the phone with push notifications. As a bonus you've also get access to some content on XBox Live!

Furthermore the WP represents a new path in the mobile industry with it's Metro UI Design Language. Everything is modeled after signs like you see in the metro. Few colors, high contrast and overall a simplistic UX experience.

Personally I love the Metro look, and especially the concept of a tile instead of an icon. Icons are boring and static and provide nothing more than anentry point into an application. A tile, or a Live Tile does that as well, but in addition it can provide useful information. The tile of the Mail app displays the number of unread mails in the inbox, and I can have a tile update with information about a friend in real time.

Tiles make me use the phone less, and thus they save me some time. Valuable time.

My Questions

I have a few complaints, and I hope there are solutions to them.

1 How can I simply search the contacts for a person to call? 2 Why does the sound of my HTC handset drastically change characteristics if I search while I listen to music? 3 Why does not the media/video player remember its state? If one watches a movie and the application is tombstoned I can never get back to where I was.

My HTC 7 is ready for retirement, and I'll get a Nokia Lumia 800. I'll post something when I make the change!

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28 January 2012