I am so tired of all those converter applications that look and behave as freeware, but are not. Here I present a method converting wav files to another format if you have the codec.

Download the Ogg Vorbis Tools (windows 32) and/or the mp3 codec.

Proceed by placing the exes in C:\windows\system32 and run this command in the console (run cmd):

Run OggEnc

Verify that you get the appropriate response when running either the oggenc or the lame command. If that's all set continue to (replace BITRATE with any number that suits your needs) execute:

cd path/to/your/folder/of/wav/files/to/convert
for /F %v IN ('dir /b *.wav') DO oggenc -m BITRATE %v
for /F %v IN ('dir /b *.wav') DO lame -b BITRATE %v

When it's complete you should have wav, ogg and mp3 files in your folder!

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03 April 2012