Espruino is awesome!

Espruino is a JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers.

You should check out the site and the github here espruino@github. The syntax should be very familiar if you know Arduino, because it uses the Wiring Framework function names.

Want to blink an LED?

function toggle(){
  on = !on;
  digitalWrite(LED1, on);
var interval = setInterval(toggle, 500);

And that’s it!

REPL (Read Eval Print Loop)

The Espruino comes with a great Web IDE that ships with a REPL so you can interact with your product. Want to interrogate the current value of a variable? Simply enter the name into the REPL, and it will echo the current value back.

This is such a productivity booster during prototyping, as you can basically try and fail without any compile or flash delays at all.

You should do yourself a favor and buy an Espruino and give it a go!

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12 October 2014